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Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles: Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

Choosing services for Carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is more involving than most people think.
However, considering the following factors will help you to find services that will give you the results you are looking for.
1. Method and Equipment used
If you are having your carpets cleaned within your house, you should use carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles that use a truck mounted Hot Water extraction method (HWE). Companies that manufacture carpets including Shaw and Mohawk (manufacture 2/3 of the world's carpets) recommend using the HWE method for carpet cleaning.
2. Certification
Check to ensure that the company you choose for cleaning is certified. If you want the best results for carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, you should only consider those companies whose employees have received training and certification from the IICRC and the RIA.
3. Price
Although many people look for the cheapest cleaners, cleaners offering you unbelievably low price ought to be avoided. The best prices are those that will provide you with professional services and are affordable, not necessarily low. Any company offering carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles that charges you less than $9.95 per room is more than likely going to cut back on some expenses, which may result in poor services.
4. Insurance
With the current economic situation, you may not have enough to pay for cleaning services in Los Angeles and then pay for damages that may result from the process.
Check to ensure that the cleaning service company you have chosen is insured and bonded.
It is important to note that there is a difference in terms of coverage between general liability insurance and bonds. While bonds will pay for any theft by cleaners from your house, general liability insurance will compensate the home owner if they were to slip and fall if their carpets were over wetted.
Not all general liability policies pay for damaged belongings of the homeowner. A separate endorsement from the cleaning company may be required to cover the cost of breakages. In this case, you ought to ask the cleaner if they are willing to pay for damages or not.
5. References
To get a clear idea about the services offered by a company offering services for carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, inquire for references from their customers. You can do this by asking the company to provide you with a list of customers who would be willing to be contacted to give referrals for the company. You can also check the company's ratings on BBB or a consumer reporting website.
6. Employees
Find out if the company uses its own employees or sub contractors. If they use a sub contractor, be sure to check the accreditation of the sub contractor as well. Sub contractors should also be insured and certified by the RIA or IICRC.

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